Embedded devices are essential for various daily activities in the modern era, ranging from basic trackers to sophisticated automated vehicles. The diversity and prevalence of embedded devices are rapidly expanding. Developing embedded devices poses distinct challenges arising from the rapid evolution of technologies, demand for real-time operation, performance, connectivity, and security. It became imperative for developers to collaborate with other solution providers to expedite the development process.

With over two decades of expertise in developing core embedded software modules, we are confident that our products and services can significantly contribute to enhancing our customer’s developing process.


The smallest RTOS variant with size of ~2.4KB…See more

The standard RTOS variant designed to work with 32/64-bit high performance…See more

RTOS for multicore…See more

Linux + RTOS solution…See more


Compact TCP/IP suite for uC3 RTOS…See more

Wi-FI SDK for uC3 RTOS…See more

Bluetooth Low Energy stack for uC3 RTOS…See more

Integrated IoT solution…See more


Compact File system for uC3 RTOS…See more


EtherNet/IP SDK

EtherNet/IP SDK for uC3 RTOS…See more

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