We have partnered with eForce Co., Ltd, Japan for distributing their RTOS and middle wares in India. We also provide technical support and additional development services for these products. Please reach us for any queries.

RTOS (Real Time Operating System)

To meet various embedded systems demands, we have the following variants of RTOS and all RTOS are based on μITRON4.0 specifications.



The smallest RTOS variant with size of ~2.4KB designed to work only with internal memory of a Microcontroller. A GUI based configurator is available to simplify the hardware, kernel, and middleware configurations. This is a most popular RTOS among ARM Cortex-M customers in Japan. This RTOS has been ported to various Microcontroller like ARM Cortex-M series of various vendors, Renesas Rx series, SuperH, Intel Nios II etc., It can be used with various compilers like IAR-EWARM, EWRX, Renesas CS+, GCC, TI CCS, Keil MDK etc.,


The standard RTOS variant designed to work with 32/64-bit high performance Microprocessor like Cortex-A series, Cortex-R series, Cortex-M series, ARM9, Renesas RX processors. It can be used with various compilers like IAR-EWARM, Renesas e2Studio, GCC, DS-5, RVDS, Keil MDK etc.,


This is an extension to the uC3/standard RTOS to provide multicore processing support for processors based on AMP (Asymmetric Multi Processing), like Arm Cortex-A series processors


In multi core processor, uC3 RTOS can be used along with Linux operating system. uC3 application can be used to meet real time requirement of the system and Linux can be used for non-real time requirements and to avail the rich application echo system of Linux. The communication between OS’s can be achieved with OpenAMP – RPMsg messages.


uNet3 is a compact TCP/IP suite for embedded systems that runs on uC3/Standard and uC3/Compact RTOS. uNet3 can operate with a memory of ~12KB which makes it fit in the internal memory of Microcontroller. uNet3 comes with easy-to-use original APIs but also supports BSD APIs. uNet3 basic license supports standard protocols as shown below and additional protocols like DHCP server are supported in uNet3 Professional license.

Besides, protocols like IPv6, PPP, MQTT, WebSocket, TLS, LLDP, BOOTPc, RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) can be purchased as add on license.


This SDK includes uC3, uNet3 and Wi-Fi drivers to quickly develop wireless products using Wi-Fi. Some of the features of Wi- Fi are IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n, WEP, WPA/WPA2, WPS, AP/Station mode.

uC3/BLE Stack

uC3/BLE stack is a certified Host stack of Bluetooth Low Energy specification. It can be used with any Bluetooth Low Energy Controller that supports HCI interface. This can be used to make any device Bluetooth Low Energy ready and to send/receive data wirelessly to other devices such as Smart phone. uC3/BLE stack and Wi-Fi solution can coexists.

μNet3/IoT SDK

This SDK can be used to quickly integrate IoT solutions to your products. This SDK bundles essential components for IoT product such as uC3 RTOS, TCP/IP stack (MQTT, TLS, WebSocket, HTTP) and Wireless protocols (Wi-Fi, BLE, LTE). This SDK comes with various samples/tutorial necessary for IoT, such as connectivity to AWS or other clouds, smartphone applications using BLE etc.,

uC3 File System

File system for uC3 RTOS. It supports FAT16/FAT32/exFAT file formats make it ideal for data exchange with Computers. Supported SD card drivers for various microcontrollers.

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